Monday, January 24, 2011



1983 - 1989 ---------------- 7 DIP SWITCH, 8 DIP SWITCH, 9 DIP SWITCH, (CANADA)

1990 - 1992 ---------------- 9 DIP SWITCH (USA)

1993 - 1996 ---------------- GREEN LEARN CODE

1997 - 2003 ---------------- ORANGE/RED LEARN CODE

2005 - 2011 ---------------- PURPLE LEARN CODE



When the remote control is a "DIP SWITCH" that means that there are switches under the battery cover on your remote control, and they must be matched to the DIPS on the garage door opener head unit.


On the back of the automatic garage door opener you can find a square shape button that will be a certain color depending on the unit year and make.  use year and make on top.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Now is the Time for a Liftmaster Automatic Garage Door Opener

While automatic garage door openers used to be a luxury in the past, they are now considered a necessity in many homes all over the country.  If you already have a Liftmaster automatic garage opener and it was made before 1993, it should be replaced because it does not meet all of today’s safety requirements.  The Liftmaster line of automatic garage door openers can either be belt, chain, or screw driven.  The models vary in power between 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 horsepower.  Liftmaster automatic garage door openers have you covered no matter what your power, durability, and noise requirements are. 

If you have a room, especially a bedroom, above or next to your garage, the Liftmaster belt-driven automatic garage door openers are the right option for you.  Liftmaster’s patented Motor Vibration Isolation System eliminates powerhead vibration for the quietest opening and closing of an automatic garage door ever.

If you are located in an area that has either extreme hot or cold temperatures, the Liftmaster screw drive garage door openers are for you.  It utilizes a strong one-piece steel rail to reduce friction and eliminate binding.  They also have a temperature sensor that increases force as it gets colder, providing optimal performance.  This unenclosed system results in less trapped dirt and debris when it gets warmer.

The Liftmaster chain driven garage door openers are the toughest around, built to lift even the heaviest custom wood and carriage house garage doors.  The elite series model uses an I-beam rail system, chassis support bracket, and a 2-speed dual sprocket system to give it the power to lift the heaviest garage doors with ease.  All models of the chain driven garage door openers have their patented Motor Vibration Isolation System equipped to reduce vibration.

No matter which kind of system you decide on to operate your garage, the Evercharge Standby Power System is an available option.  This will ensure that your Liftmaster automatic garage door opener will work even in the event of a power outage.  Liftmaster makes automatic garage door openers for almost any application, so whatever your needs are, check out the full line today!

Choosing the Right Insulated Door for You

When choosing an insulated garage door for home or commercial use, besides all the style, type, and material options you also have to consider the amount of insulation you need.  Insulated garage doors provide extra security and energy efficiency.  In two story homes, often a bedroom, office, bathroom, or other critical rooms are located above the garage.  You may even have a heated garage.  In any case, a garage door without insulation, or one that is not properly sealed, will result in the warmth being sucked right out of your home.  This both causes your furnace to work harder and drives up your heating costs.   Getting the right insulated garage door will typically last for the lifetime of your home and increase your home’s value.  All these reasons make purchasing a new insulated garage door a great investment.

The amount of insulation you need can affect the desired material of your new garage door.  For those without the need for an insulated garage door, a single layer of aluminum or steel can fit the durability, reliability, and economic requirements.  Some examples could be a shed or detached garage that does not need to be heated, but for most other applications insulation provides too many benefits to do without. 

Double layer doors, the next level in insulation, add an extra layer of vinyl-coated polystyrene insulation.  Double layer garage doors are both durable and low maintenance.  Vinyl-coated insulated garage doors will keep the heat you pay for inside your home or office where it belongs.  It also results in quieter operation of the door itself.  Double layer insulation is available in most door types, whether you choose steel, composite, or wood.

For those who require the greatest amount of garage door insulation, there is no substitute for a triple-layer steel door.  The triple-layer garage door is the toughest, most energy efficient, and quietest option available.  Due to the added layer of interior steel, you can achieve the highest energy savings possible.  Besides the increased durability, the extra layer of steel also provides a more finished interior look.  I hope this guide has assisted you in choosing the right insulated garage door for you!